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30 June 1917

Very wet cold day. No ballooning.

Went with Meyler to 6th Coy and No 9 Section and inspected their proposed new camp position and balloon bed.

Suggested they make alternative balloon bed, but not shift camp till Col returns.

Drew two tents from Canada Corner for tube dump party. Visited 7th Coy and dined there.

1st July 1917

Windy dull day. Low clouds. Nicholson went on leave. No ballooning.

Visited dump and supervised work.


2nd July 1917

Fine day. Fresh wind NE. View good enough for work at 8.15am All balloons up.

At 9 am No 2’s balloon was attacked. Only about 6 rounds fired at it by EA. Norman was up alone and made successful parachute descent.

Visited No 2 and 25 and inspected transport. Found everything correct.

Lunched at 5th Coy.

Gen Webb-Bowen was here nearly

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