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all the morning.

All balloons up till 9pm. No 32 was shelled in the air. Forrest and Hills made parachute descents. Telephone cable was broken whilst moving winch.

No 9 Section were ballooning from new position. Their old position was shelled.


3rd July 1917

Hot sunny day. No view till midday.

Visited dump before breakfast and found work progressing satisfactorily.

Blot came to breakfast.

Went to 15 and 38 and inspected balloon and transport. Everything correct.

Lunched at 7th Coy. Went to No 9 Section and examined new balloon bed, also buried wires. Balloons up at 6pm when view cleared.

Taylor (No1 AD) slept here.


4th July 1917

Cold day, no view.

Went to 9th Corps and fixed up accommodation for No 47 Section. Handed indent for materials for latrines and Cook house to Wilson. Ten tents

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