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4th July (contd)

will be sent today or tomorrow.

The King was at Kemmnell today and inspected RFC Wing. Commanders at 2pm at Bailleuel. Meyler represented our Wing.

Taylor (No1 AD) slept here. Visited 15, 38 and 7th Coy.


5th July 1917

Dull cold day. Balloons up all day. View rather poor. Clouds low.

Went to Nos 2 and 25 and 5th Coy. Inspected transport and ordered 32 tenders of 25th Sectn to go to Coy to have plates put on woodwork which was split.

Lee returned from leave.

Taylor (1AD) slept here.

No 2 Section were shelled intermittently also no 32.


6th July 1917

Fine sunny day. Good view. Balloons up from midday.

No 2 Sections balloon (BMS118D) had its cable cut by machine gun fire by 58 Coy M G C. Laycock was up and he tried to valve but the gland pulled out and the fabric tore. He then ripped and parachuted. The balloon

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