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6th July 1917

came down at HHG HQ.

No 9 Sectn Balloon TMA9 was shelled in the air and hit. It was hauled down but the cable got jammed when the balloon was about 500ft from the ground and the rest had to be hauled down by hand. There was a rip 1ft long an L shaped tear about 5 inches long, and about 40 shrapnel holes in the envelop. The air rudders were also torn. The balloon was deflated and packed up.

2nd Brigade informed us 11th Coy were coming to the Wing on the 9th.

No 2 Sectn new balloon BMS 127D was inflated with 169 tubes and in the air by 8pm.

No 9 Sectn’s camp bombed at night. Newson slightly hit.


7th July 1917

Poor view all day. Mist prevents observation.

No 9’s new balloon BMS135D inflated with .....tubes and in the air today. Visited No 9 Sectn and 6th Coy. Went to 9th Corps with Meyler. Also 2nd Anyac, and Area Officer at Steenwerck.

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