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13th July 1917

No 32 was shelled and 48 holes made in balloon. Holes repaired and balloon again in commission this evening. 89 tubes put into balloon. Two nurse balloons of gas taken out and being kept for topping up.


No 2 shelled on the air but not hit.



14th July 1917

Mist and showers in morning. Fair view in afternoon. All balloons up.

405 empty tubes sent to dump.

Visited dump and ascertained there were 207 full for collection. Went to 5 Coy and examined No 47 Section’s new camp. Marquee drawn from 11th Wing for 47 Section.

Gen Webb-Bowen called here in morning.


15th July 1917

Windy day, low clouds.

No 32’s balloons (BM5 128) holed by a shell splinter whilst on its bed last night. 7 tubes of gas lost.

2 Officers and 79 other ranks arrived from England and went to their camp close

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