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27th July 1917

Still hot day. No view in morning. Fair view in afternoon. All balloons up.


Visited 5th Coy in morning. Went to No 32 and 9 in afternoon and found everything correct.



28th July 1917

Still muggy day. No view till afternoon when all balloons ascended.


Visited No 15 and inspected the 7th Coy’s Reserve balloon FM 108. It was inflated with air and complete metallic valve line fitted. The balloon appeared very good from inside.


Lunched at No 25. Went to No 25 and 2 and found everything all right. Instructed Mason to see that AKK, No 47’s lorries had a pick and shovel, also communication with driver.


Called at 41st Divn and saw CRE and obtained order for cement and bricks for Wing Incinerator.

Spencer, Brown, Higman and Bevan dined here.

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