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8th August (contd)

to be towed. Rang up No 1AD and informed Harding, who arranged to send Stevens over tomorrow.


9th August 1917

Gusty day. Visibility better. Rather bumpy. All balloons up A few targets done.


Examined BMA 11 (No 32 Sectn) and found it leaking very badly at diagonal seams, and it was condemned.


Stevens came over from 1 AD in morning. His Sergt was unable to start the engine. After two hours work and injecting petrol, one of 32’s men started it. It was unfit for use in that condition and it was sent back to 1 AD.


No 13 Sections (5th Wing) balloon brought down in flames by one of our machines.


BMS 136 allotted to No 32 Section.

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