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10th August 1917

Low clouds and gusty in morning. Good view and less wind in afternoon. All balloons up.


BMS 156 (No 32 Sectn) inflated with gas from BMA 11.


6 double rigged baskets returned to 2nd AAP. Nos 9, 2 and 38 were shelled in the air. One hole was made in No 9’s balloon (BMS ( )


Visited 5th and 7th Coys and inspected machine gun stands for Lewis guns. Called at 25 Sectn and inspected their Lewis gun stand. Went to 32 and found everything in order.


Called at 6th Coy and instructed Biggs to return BMA 11.


Cols Boyle and Byng lunched here.


11th August 1917

Showery gusty day. Good visibility at times. Balloons up in between storms.


No 25’s balloon BMS 143 was hit by shell fire on ground and several large holes rendering it unserviceable.


No 32’s new balloon BMS 156 with bow in nose, was hit by bomb

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