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deflated. About 50 holes were made in it.


BMS 58 (No25 Sectn) inflated with tubes.

BMS 128 (No 32 Sectn) inflated with tubes.


12 August 1917

Hot rather windy day. Low clouds in morning. All balloons up.


Started on leave which begins tomorrow. Meyler and I went to 1 AD and got a machine across to Lympne near Folkestone. We left 1 AD (St Omer) at 4pm and landed at Lympne at 5.5 pm. Rather a bumpy day. Very clear view. We went over in Bristol Fighters. Just missed 23 Huns raiding England. The Huns were at Dover at 5.15 pm.


Arrived in Town at 8.30 pm.


13th to 23rd August 1917.

Leave. Horkesley, East Mersea and London.

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