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27th August 1917

Windy day. Balloons up in afternoon.

Drew pay for men.


Nicholson dined here. Col dined at No 15 Section.


28th August 1917

Very stormy night.


At 8.10 am No9’s balloon BMS 142 broke away from its bed and ripped itself. The net and car suspension lines carried away. Went to No 9 and inspected the position of net etc.


Called at Nos 32, 16, 47, 25 and 2 and inspected their balloons and beds. Advised Goody to erect extra stays for his screen posts. Meyler dined here. No ballooning.



29th August 1917

Wet windy day. No ballooning.

Col attended conference of Balloon Wing Commanders at Advanced G H Q and took Norman, Greenwell and Massey with him.


Stradling and 2 Italian Officers lunched here. I took them to No 38 and showed them round Balloon etc. Meyler and Bolitho

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