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29th Augh contd

also lunched here.


30th Augh  1917

Windy day. No ballooning. Balloons up in afternoon but no view.


31st Augh  1917


Windy, squally day. No ballooning.


E O’s meeting. Instructed E Os that Class A men must proceed with all their marching kit, including Gas helmets, but not tin helmets.

1st September 1917

Windy day and rail squalls.

No 2 balloon up twice once in morning once in afternoon. Rocket gun tested in morning whilst balloon up with the Col.

Gen Game came to lunch and tried rocket gun after lunch at No 2 Section. Not successful. It fired about once in 4 times. Harding from 1 AD was there.

No 2’s balloon up when gun tested in afternoon.

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