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2nd September 1917

Windy day, no ballooning. Cleared up in afternoon. Major Wittey dined here.

Huns very active bombing all night. Some of the machines were plainly visible from here.


3rd September 1917

Fine day. Balloons up all afternoon. Weather more settled.

17th Balloon Co (No 13, 18 and 36 Sectns) taken over by 2nd B W from noon.

Mears O/C 17th Coy came to lunch. Went to 3 Sections with him after lunch.

Called at 17th Coy H Q and stayed to tea and discussed routine matters with Hunter the R O. Baker, Russell and Skelton returned from leave.

Certain amount of bombing.


4th September 1917

Hot fine day. Balloons up all day.

Baker and I went to 5th Coy in morning and from there to 17th Coy and instructed Charley the

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