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4th Sept contd

E O in various Brigade and other R O. Gave him Cos of forms as precedent. Informed him of card pass Regulations.

Visited store at 17th Coy and instructed Charley to clean all rust off M T spares and oil them.

B M S 15 hit by shell splinters and 34 holes made in it.



5th September 1917

Fine still day. All balloons up.

Went to 17th Coy in morning and from there to 1st Anzac’s Corps Q. They promised to issue 2 Armstrong and Nissen Huts to 17th Coy for their new camp.

Faithful and I went to Argues in afternoon. I made brief trip in new Frence 1000 cubic metre balloon. Met Sansom there and he and I went up together. We reached 5000 ft, with 200 lbs of ballast. Very good balloon, and quite steady.

Mitchell and Crane, 5th (B W) gave us a lift back in their car.

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