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6th September 1917

Fine still day. Fair view in afternoon. Hazy in evening. Thunderstorms and very heavy rainfall at about 6pm.

Went with Col to Dickiebush and Ypres in afternoon and selected spot for 47 Sectn camp and forward run to Ypres.

Visited 7th Coy and found everything correct. 4 machine gun stands at 2nd AAP completed.

F M 93 D deflated and packed up.

16 Section transferred to 5th Coy and 47 Sectn and 11th Coy HQ will move tomorrow to Dickiebush.

Heavy rainstorms in evening. Balloon up during afternoon.


7th September 1917

Very hot close day and thick haze. No view. No ballooning.

Went to 47 Section’s new position near Dickiebush with Blot at 8am. Visited No36 Section and arranged to send them 10 line Mag Switch board, which I afterwards forwarded by cyclist.

Called at 7th Coy and showed Charley machine gun stands.

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