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17 Sept contd

Went to 47 with Col after breakfast and reconnoitred new position for Camp and bed in H 24.


18th September 1917

Windy dull day. Balloons tested tension several times, but the wind was too high and the view dud.

Went to 17th Coy’s Transport Park and from there to Coy HQ in morning. Instructed Charley to make streamers for basket of his 3 balloons for signalling to artillery. Also suggested he check all tools in workshop and cleaned them.

Enquired about 3 Vickers guns which they would like to change. Obtained tubing for making machine gun stands.

Walked 47’s balloon to Derby Road.


19th September 1917

Very windy day.

Intelligence balloons were up to watch practise barrage, but owing to high wind, not many observations could be given. Wind was 40 to 50 mph. Tension 1200 kilos.


Wind dropped in evening and all balloons up.

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