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19th Sept contd

No 47’s balloon FM 93 was hit by shell fire and about 50 holes made in it, necessitating a new balloon being inflated.

BMS 167 was issued to them and it was inflated with gas (183 tubes) tonight

No 9’s balloon BMA 9 was also hit by shell fire and badly holed. Jolley made his 7th parachute descent. Balloon was practically deflated before it reached the ground.

BMS 160 was substituted and inflated with 181 tubes.

Nos 15, 38 and 32 put on heavy cables.

Visited Nos 47, 36 and 18th Sectn.


20th September 1917

Rain during night misty morning.

Offensive began at 5.45 am this morning.

Intelligence balloons up but owing to thick mist and low clouds very little was seen.

View improved and all balloons up.

Visited No47 Sectn before breakfast. Went to 36 Sectn and 5th Coy later.

Wireless station installed at No 47 Sectn.

Sergt Hunter from 1 AD examined and tested Delahaye

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