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20th Sept contd

winch (11082) which he passed as fit for action, but which I do not consider serviceable.

3000 prisoners taken.

21st September 1917

Fine day, good visibility. All balloon s up and good work done.

Went to 47, 38 and 15.

Visited Dickiebush Tube dump.


22nd September 1917

No view in morning. Balloons up in afternoon.

No 47’s balloon BMS 167 was attacked by E A at 7pm and burnt. Whitehead and Bolitho made successful parachute descents.

5.5 Cable was done in by traffic on road passing over it.

New balloon inflated (BMS 146) from 7th Coy and ready for air by 11am. 11th Corps reserve balloon had not been tested with air and so could not be used.

No 9 Sect’s balloon BMS 160 was destroyed by shell fire in air. BMS 171 was inflated instead, and ready for air by midnight.

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