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24 Sept contd

Major Lahn USA Air Service arrived for one week.


25th September 1917

Still day, poor visibility.

Visited all Coys and inspected transport being withdrawn tomorrow . Major Lahn accompanied me.

Visited Nos 2, 25, 9 and 32 and 47 Sections. No 36 Section’s new balloon FM 89 inflated with 183 tubes (?)

Major Neame slept here the night.


26th September 1917

Zero day for second part of 2nd Army push. Zero hour 5.50.

I was called at 5am. It was verity thick and foggy. Balloons did not go up until about 10am and then only No’s 2 and 47 the intelligence balloons.

Neame, Lahn and I went to no 47 in morning and went to the end of their run at Derby Road.

Saw about 3 prisoners captured that morning by 1st Army Corps.

Took Lahn and Neame to No 2 Section and saw Winch operating up Wytscharte Road.

Went to Wytscharte and Curart Wood.

16 lorries went in to 2nd AAP

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