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on being withdrawn.


27th September 1917

Dull day and poor view. Balloons up in afternoon and evening and 21 targets done.

Took Major Lahn to Cos. He made a trip in No 47’s balloon with Pearson in afternoon. Winch gave out and he had to be hauled down by hand.

Bad cold developing.


28th September 1917

Dull day. No view all day. Fine and sunny.

Went with Col in morning to Ypres and selected positions for Nos 47 and 9 Sections,  just N of Ypres.

Met Blot and Barnes there. No 9 moved today from Nieppe Other Sections also moving. No 9’s balloon BMS being deflated tomorrow and taken into reserve.

EO’s meeting not held today. Suffering from a bad cold.

BMS 18 (No 13 Sectn) punctured by shell fire on ground. Two holes in balloon and two in rudder.

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