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29th September 1917

Misty day and no view till afternoon, when visibility very poor. Two targets done.

No 9 Section took on charge BMS 157 and it was inflated by midday. BMS 171 at No 9’s old position deflated and packed up and taken into Reserve at 6th Coy.

No 9 Section transferred to 11th Coy from midday yesterday.

Major Lahn left and went to B R S Argues.

Capt Fladgett called and I explained telephone communications which were necessary and  position of Sections.


30th September 1917

Hot sunny day, thick haze in morning. Fair view in afternoon. All balloons up and over 40 targets done.

No 32’s winch P89 became unserviceable owing to storage drum shaft breaking. New shaft obtained from 1AD and fitted by 1pm next day. No 38’s winch P92 broke down. Steering column broke and there was trouble with

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