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12th Oct contd

E O’s meeting held at 9.30am. Very bad night. Gale and rain.

Oliver died yesterday from wounds received on night of 5th and 6th October.


13th October 1917

Windy squally day, no ballooning. Hail and rain storms throughout day.

Went to dentist at Mont des Cats this morning.

Visited 6th Coy and saw Smellie and Highman. Everything all right.

Went to 32 Sectn and lunched there.

Called at 13 Section and examined their balloon, but as fabric was wet, no leak was detectable. Small hole in top which was mended.

Visited Nos 47 and 9 Sections. No 47 Section’s balloon was a little unsteady and net was breaking. Arranged to get them a new net which was collected the same night.

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