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15 Oct 1917

and badly wounding two others.

No 47’s balloon was hit later in the day and rendered unserviceable.

No 32’s balloon R1241 was hit in the air and 14 holes made in it. These were patched and balloon up again the same afternoon.

Called at No2 Section and had tea. Visited 5th Coy.


16th October 1917

Windy day. Low clouds. No work done.

Went to Mont des Cats and had tooth out. Cocaine injected.

Stayed at Wing rest of day.

Martin and Capt Gould came to lunch, also Meyler.


17th October 1917

Rather high wind. Fair view. Balloons up in afternoon.

German two seater Machine brought down in flames close to Vlanerlungte in morning. Saw whole fight.

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