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17 Oct contd

German machine caught fire twice and then fell to bits at about 14,000ft. Observer fell out from about 10,000 ft.

Went to 17th Coy and 7th Coy. Meyler and I went to 1st Balloon Wing and inspected Caquot Winch in afternoon.


18th October 1917

Wet foggy morning. View improved in afternoon. 31 shoots done.

Col and I went to 17th Coy and 11th Coy. 2 Offenders dealt with at 17th Coy.

SE 5 Machine shot down and crashed close to 11th Coy. Pilot Lt Hepworth, shot through arm and shoulder. Otherwise not badly hurt.


19th October 1917

No view all day. Heavy hail storm and rain in afternoon.

Went to 11th Coy in morning and then to No9 and 47. Met Genl at No 47.

Visited No15 and had tea. No47’s balloon FM123 inflated with tubes.

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