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20th October 1917

Misty day no view. Went to No 16 Sectn and examined their water cart and suggested that wooden frame be repaired with iron plates.

Called at 5th Coy.


21st October 1917

Still misty day. Balloons up in afternoon.

Went to No 18 Sectn in afternoon. It was being considerably shelled but balloon and winch were not damaged.

Considerable bombing in evening. Balloons left up on Winch.


22nd October 1917

Very wet misty day. Poor view.

Went to 11th Coy in morning and had lunch. Most of balloons up.

Visited Nos 47 and 9 Sections and found everything all right. New winch P88 tried at No 9 and worked satisfactorily.

Went to No 15 and thoroughly examined their balloon FM 108 which was not porous, but its lift had gone.

Examined No 13’s balloon

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