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22nd Oct 1917 contd

and suggested they renew part of the rigging, especially 2nd bridles.

2 Lt Deal RFA applied to become an Observer on probation.


23rd October 1917

Wet day. No view till afternoon when balloons went up.

Went to 5th Coy. Meyler and Russell dined here.


24th October 1917

Bright windy morning. Too much wind for ballooning in morning. Balloons up in afternoon.

Visited No2 Sectn, 17th Coy, 18th Sectn and 15th Sectn. FM 86 (No 2 Sectn) inflated.


25th October 1917

Very windy day. No ballooning.

Aeroplanes could not work. Country drying up a bit.

Checked all indents.

Bombing during night. BMS 172 (No 38 Sectn) inflated.


26th October 1917

Zero hour at 5.40am. Pouring with rain.

Attack partially successful.

EO’s meeting held at 9.30 am.

Return of unserviceable clothes discussed and arrangements made for

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