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26 Oct contd

2 cos of receipt voucher to be forwarded to Wing HQ.

Handed E Os 2 cos of new Appendix A to G.1098.

Tremain did not attend.

Visited 11th Coy in afternoon.

FM 124 (No16 Sectn) inflated.


27th October 1917

Fine day. Fair view. All balloons up. 48 targets done.

Went to Nos 9 and 47 Sections and took them 2 and 1 parachutes respectively, to replace 3 muddy ones.

Called at 11th Coy HQ and informed Tremain of unserviceable clothing arrangement and other things discussed at E O’s meeting.


28th October 1917

Dull day and showery. No ballooning till afternoon.

SB 210 inflated with air and examined at 7th Coy HQ. Valve line shortened and patches put on inside.

Visited Nos 2 and 18 Sections and found everything correct, in afternoon.

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