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29th October 1917

Fine still day. Poor view. Balloons up in afternoon 18 Targets done

Visited No 25 Sectn and arranged to issue them with 3 new parachute cases.

Went to No 38 and inspected their new balloon bed.

Visited No36 Sectn and examined their balloon FM124, which was working well and considerably steadier than FM89


30th October 1917

Windy day. Zero hour at 5.50am. Frost at night and high wind.

All objects gained.

Tension tested with No 9’s balloon BMS175 in ballast. When the balloon was about 300ft from the ground, it nosed dived, tightening the rip cord, which started the rip panel. The cable pulled through the clamps and the balloon broke away, landing in our lines about a mile away.

Court of Enquiry held at Wing HQ to ascertain responsibility for lost watches. Meyler, Baker and I on the Court.

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