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1st Nov contd

close to valve and suggested to F Sergt that he carefully watch this.

Called at 5th Coy and found everything all right.

No36 Sections forward exchange blown up.


2nd November 1917

Foggy wet day.

8th Balloon Coy taken over by 2nd Balloon Wing at 2pm today. Went to 11th Coy with Meyler and had lunch there.

Called at 8th Coy at 3pm with Meyler and met Howard EO 5th Winch. Left time table of returns and forms with Q clerks. Joliffe the Coy EO was out.

Visited No 23 and 39 Sections in evening. Col’s car broke down and had to be towed home.


3rd November 1917

Went to No 32 Sectn and tested running rigging of their balloon, in place of knotted rigging. Highman and I went up to 4400 ft. Basket not quite so steady but less strain on rigging band.

Called at 5th Coy.

Visited to 17th Coy and arranged with Mears to collect wireless

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