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3rd Nov (contd)

and operator from No 13 Sectn.

Lunched at 13 Sectn and took wireless set and operator to 8th Cot HQ.

Saw Joliffe at 8th Coy and went into all matters of equipment with him. Instructed him to have no dealings with 5 AAP direct, but everything must come through this Wing.

Misty day. No view.


4th Nov. 1917

Foggy misty day. No view.

Went to 5th AAP and saw Stenning O/I/C stores. He explained how he wished indents etc to be done and I arranged to carry on as before, and everything to come through us.

Met Gifford in Pop and brought him back here. He was posted to No 47 Sectn.

No ballooning.


5th Nov.  1917

Foggy day. No view. No ballooning.

Visited 18th Section and inspected their balloon bed and found balloon all right.

Dined at 5th Balloon Wing.

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