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2 Sections indenting on one form, but nothing was decided.


11th Nov 1917

FM 123 hit by shell fire on ground

Showery day. Patchy view in afternoon.

18 shoots done.

Photograph taken in morning at 7th Coy.

No 47’s balloon FM123 badly holed by shell fire 

Balloon repaired and topped up.

Cockraine lunched here.

Court of Enquiry continued at 11th Coy.

The Col heard he was not leaving tomorrow and would not be starting for about a week or ten days.


12 Nov. 1917

Sunny fine day, but thick haze. Balloons up in afternoon bur view too poor for work.

Went to No 15 and tested purity of Gas in Balloon SB 210.

Tested 38 Section’s gas as well.

Also visited No47 and tested their gas.

Called at No 9 Sectn but their balloon was about to ascend.

Visited 17th Coy and had lunch there.

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