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12th Nov (contd) Went to 11th Coy and inspected their


13th Nov 1917

Misty day. No view.

At 1pm we heard that the 13th and 20th Balloon Coys will come under the Wing from midday tomorrow.

The Col, Meyler and I went to 5th Balloon Wing in afternoon and ascertained they were moving out on the 15th.

Went to 8th Coy and arranged for Meyler to go there tomorrow.

The General informed us after dinner that he was going South on the 15th.


14th Nov 1917

13th & 20th Balloon Coys taken over from 5th Balloon Wing midday today.

Still misty day. No ballooning.

Baker and I went to 5th Balloon Wing for lunch and took over from Waller and Howard.

Afterwards called at 20th Company and got details from them. I handed Watson , EO 30th Coy, time table, list of forms, returns etc and MT orders.

Ascertained two lorries were destroyed at 13th Coy by shell fire yesterday and have not been

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