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16th Nov (contd)

on the 22nd inst.


17th Nov  1917

Foggy day. No view. No ballooning.

Went to No 32 Section in afternoon and found everything in order. Their balloon was not flying quite so well with running rigging as with fixed.


18th Nov 1917

FM 124 burnt

B.M.S. 182 inflated

Misty day. No view. Very little ballooning.

No 36 Section’s balloon FM124 was burnt at 8am by enemy aeroplane. Dalrymple parachuted. Reserve balloon BMS 182 inflated with gas.

Visited 5th Coy HQ and inspected Engine of Tender No 25967, which seized yesterday.


19th Nov 1917

Foggy day. No ballooning.

Went to 2nd Army with Meyler and afterwards to Area Commander Eecke and then to Godenaersvelde

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