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19th Nov contd

to inspect billeting accommodation in afternoon.

Col dined with 9th Corps.

No 36 Sections Delahaye Winch developed a bad knock.


20th Nov 1917

Windy day and no view.

Meyler and I started at 7.30am and inspected billets for Sections out of line at Godenaersvelde and found accommodation.

Called at 2nd Army at 10am and saw Major Bristow and A D M Q who confirmed that we could have billets.

Went to Droglandt’s aerodrome and saw Major Russell and inspected accommodation there which was adequate.

Neame and Commandant Delassus, the Officer in charge of French balloons, came to lunch. I took then to No 32 Sectn and 5th Coy after lunch.

21st Nov 1917

Hazy day. No ballooning.

Went to Bailleul in afternoon. 11 Officers of the Wing dined here making 14 in all. Col’s farewell

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