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24th Nov 1917

Windy day. No view.

Went to 18 Section and examined Winch and telephone lorry, both of which were badly damaged by bombs. Took list of instruments etc destroyed in Chart room and arranged with Cookson to send Bauer in to 1 AD tomorrow to replace instruments.


25th Nov 1917

Gale during night and very windy all day.

No 15’s Balloon SB 210 had to be deflated during the night owing to valve being damaged. The net caught the articulators.

Bauer came to breakfast and went to 1 AD and collected stores etc.

Winch P 90 arrived at No 18 Sectn.

Dined with Stringer at Steenwerck.


26th Nov 1917

Wet windy day. No ballooning.


27th Nov 1917

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