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28th Nov 1917

FM 86 lost

Windy day. Balloons up 11 to 2 pm.

At 2.15 pm No 2 Section’s balloon FM 86 broke away from crew while being walked to its bed and went over the lines. A “PB” man had rip cord and did not rip.

Cushion E O 2nd Brigade came to lunch.

Winch P 90 condemned as unserviceable. Stevenson from 1 AD came over and inspected it.

Dined at 2nd AAP.


29th Nov 1917

Windy in morning. Finer in afternoon. Balloons up. 17 targets done.

Nos 18, 36 and 47 were holed by hostile shelling.

No 3 Section’s balloon was destroyed by a shell during the night.

One man wounded at No 36 Section.

Went to 8th and 17th Coy in afternoon.

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