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4th Dec 1917

Still dull day. Very poor view. 5 targets done.


Visited 11th Coy and No 9 Sectn and found everything in order.



5th Dec 1917

Very cold night. Sharp frost. 12 degrees of frost.

Good visibility from 10am till 3.30


Went to No 32 and made ascent in their balloon with Brown. Did 3 targets. Worked at 4000ft. Wind at 2000 about 35 m p h but at 4000ft it was only 15 to 20.


Visited 11th Coy and Nos 9 and 47 Sections.


Made ascent in no 47 balloon, but the wind at 2000 was 40 mph and view had gone.


55 shoots done in Wing.



6th Dec 1917

Very cold night. 14 degrees of frost.


Visited 13th Coy in afternoon also Nos 9 and 47 Sections, but view had gone by 3.30 pm. Major Meyler made ascent in No 9’s balloon, but the view had gone.

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