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7th Dec 1917

Frosty day. Fair view. Went to No 32 and made ascent in their balloon with Brown. Between 1 and 2 thousand ft there was a strong wind about 40 miles an hour, but at 4000ft very little, about 20 to 25. Did several shoots.


Called at No 47 and made ascent in their balloon. The wind had considerably increased.



8th Dec 1917

Fair view. Balloons up.


Went up in No 15’s balloon in afternoon. Whilst up a German aeroplane appeared overhead and was apparently going to attack the balloon so I parachuted.


All went well till I landed, when owing to the swing on the parachute and my landing in a shell hole, I fractured my leg. I limped back to the road – about ½ a mile and got into a tender. Massey (No 15) came and picked me up.


Had tea in No 15 Mess and then went to the Wing. My leg was very painful.


When Major Meyler came in he took me to 53 C C S Bailleul, where I was detained.

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