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14 MON. Blowing gale of wind. SW. My hut door blew open and I slept all night with it open. Blown out of bed and woke up with bad cold. No 6 KBS played us at football. Beat us 4-0

15 TUES.

Gale of wind W. Ground wind 34 mph suddenly changed to NW. Balln became very unsteady. All hands turned out. Wind still increased lot of rigging carried away and eventually had to rip her.

16 WED.

Gale of wind WNW 52 miles per hour over ground. Armstrong Head blown away in gale and badly damaged. Campbell, Gill and Bompars came to dinner from No 2.

17 THUR.

Strong wind WNW. All men at new bed. Walked with Jennings to Steenwerk. Brought post cards. At 9 pm Gregg informed he was to go to England starting at 5am in morning. Very sorry to loose him.

18 FRI.

Very little wind. Hazy. Gregg went off at 5am. Balloon deflated still.

19 SAT.

Strong wind W too much for ballooning. Engaged on new bed. Went to Bailleul with Jimmy and Gregg and had baths. Bought lace.

20 SUN. Septuagesima.

Fine day. First all fine day out here. Cold and frosty. Moved balloon to new bed. Finished bed and erected screen. At 5pm 2 Hun aeroplanes over bed. Heavily shelled by our anti aircraft. Tremendous ping and large piece of shell dropped a few feet from me and buried itself in mud. Dug out piece and am having it polished by workshop. Two other pieces fell.

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