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21 MON. Cold rather windy day. Balloons went up at 5pm.

Russell called in morning and Raffles came to lunch. Saw C.R.E. and D A D N G 19th Divn in afternoon about material for improving this place in winter. Went to No9 after tea with Major. Major’s neck very bad.

22 TUE. Cold morning, no view till afternoon. Went to No 15 in morning and stayed to lunch. Their balloon up after lunch, Walked to No 2 with Major and had tea. Walked back. Major’s neck a little better but still bad. Brick stove being made and mess hut lined. Great mess.

23 WED. Close dull day, no ballooning, no view. Major went to the Somme to make enquiries about his brother. I went to No 15 and stopped to lunch.

Rigged up a Bumble Puppy pole. Went to A P at Vermoyelle in afternoon. Climbed oak tree. Had tea at No 15.

24 THUR. Dull cold day. Stringer came to lunch and I went back in his tender. Met Major at No 9 at 4pm. Major Wise came along at 5.30pm. Went to Burnetts concert in evening at Remninghelst.

25 FRI. Windy dull day muggy. Went to No 15 in morning and inspected their metallic V also packed one of their parachutes. Brought Russell back to lunch. Went to No 9 in afternoon and left drawing of parachute belt. Had tea there. Dined at No 2, Major dined at Wing. Balloons up in afternoon.

26 SAT. Squally wet day, No ballooning. Gilling, Raffles, Fulton and Beerbohm came up and played poker after dinner. Gilling won 225 Frs.

27 SUN. 10th after Trinity. Windy day. Stringer dined here. After dinner No 15 rang up to say 3 gashes had been discovered in their balloon. Major and I went over and inspected it. Three distinct cuts below rigging band done with a knife. Arranged to hold enquiry next day.

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