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28 MON. Windy day but clear and good view.

Very gusty, balloons up in afternoon. No15 carried away tail parachute line and 4 parachutes broke adrift. Two were afterwards recovered. Their man carrying parachutes also blew out of cases but were recovered. Held enquiry at No15 as to injuries to balloon.

29 TUES. Cold wet day.

Took Russell and Gavin to Hazebruck lunched at “Faucon”. Bought books. Had tea at Officers’ tea shop, several inches of water on floor. Heavy thunderstorm. No ballooning.

30 WED. Very wet cold day. No ballooning till evening. No15’s air parachutes blew away. I phoned to HQ and arranged to get 6 tomorrow. Tail line snapped between parachutes.

31 THUR. Very windy day. Pouring wet all afternoon.

Lunched at No15. Spent afternoon bagging down their balloon and strengthening their windscreens. Wet through to skin. Changed my clothes at Squadron. Dined at No2.

Sept. 1 FRI. Dull windy day. Lunched at No2 with Major and afterwards walked back to Squadron alone.

Attended Maclean’s farewell dinner at Lucien’s in Armentieries. Splendid dinner. Maclean, Gavin No9, Stringer and self, 5 bots fizz amongst 4 of us. Very merry evening.

2 SAT. Still muggy day. Went to Hazebruck with fortnightly indents. Bought fruit. Major dined at No2 and played poker. Maclean went to England.

3 SUN. 11th after Trinity. Dull misty day.

Went to No9 for lunch and afterwards took Stringer to Lancers at Oostersiner. Heard they were moving South. They were sharpening swords and lances. Ernest Scott Brown and Capt Valence dined here with Stringer, Major and me.

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