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13 MON. Leave finished. Left London 7.50am, arrived Folkestone 10.00am. Had hair cut at Metropole.

Boat sailed at 12.30. Met very nice fellow named Roger in R F C. Reached Boulogne at 2.30pm. Left Boulogne at 7pm. Arrived Hazebruck at 12.30am. Reached Squadron at 1.30am.

14 TUE. Fine still day. Balloons up most of day. Belgian burnt for second time by German aeroplane. Thought it was No23 at first. Dined at No2.

15 WED. Cold frosty day, lot of wind. No view. Went to Hazebruck in afternoon.

16 THUR. Cold frosty day. Bright sunshine. Major went to Brigade about my Adjt’s Job. No ballooning except for No2 for short time.

17 FRI. Very windy cold day. Strong breeze E and and frosty. Major went on leave.

Meyler dined here, Raffles and Bolitho lunched. No ballooning.

18 SAT. Very windy cold day. Snow last night. Rain during day.

Sent off Nop’s kit. Spoke to Major at Boulogne about Company Commanders. Hugh E-W lunched here.

19 SUN. 22nd after Trinity. Cold misty day. No ballooning. Col Murphy lunched here and interviewed Fulton. Afterwards inspected No25’s new Camp. Told me I was to pay a visit when new Wing formed.

Dined at No2. Played poker and made 5 francs. Billy Parsons there.

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