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4 MON. Thaw set in much warmer. Went to No9 in morning with Campbell to lunch. I dined with Col Murphy at 11nd Wing. No ballooning.

I appear in Orders as 2nd Class E O in No2 Balloon Wing.

5 TUE. Windy day. Much milder. Barton and Childs came in morning. No ballooning.

6 WED. Foggy cold day. No ballooning.

7 THUR. Windy foggy day. No ballooning. Checked indents in morning.

8 FRI. Wet cold day. No ballooning. Conference at Wing of Balloon E Os. Major Wise, Bovill, and Col Murphy came to lunch.

9 SAT. Very wet cold day. No ballooning. Went to 2nd A A P in afternoon with Campbell and took indents. No ballooning.

10 SUN. 2nd in Advent. Dull day but warmer. Went to No23 in morning and took Walker over, their Recording Officer. He had only one foot. Lunched at No15. Balloons up in afternoon but view very poor.

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