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11 MON. Went to Westoutre in morning. On way back German aeroplane was over and being heavily shelled. A piece of shell went through the top of my tender as we were driving along. Saw German aeroplane about 200ft up close to No9, heavily fired at by infantry.

12 TUE. Heavy snow fell all day. Mud and slush were awful. About 3inches of snow up here. Very cold. No ballooning.

13 WED. Visited 23 Sectn in morning and checked their MT stock. Lunched there and did No5 in afternoon. Very cold miserable job. Mitchell and Gavin dined here. Balloons made practice ascent, but too thick for work.

14 THUR. Cold wet day. Went to No2 at 9am and took their MT Stock. Then inspected their balloon. After that took No9’s MT Stock. Stayed there for lunch and tea. Mud was awful. No ballooning. All snow gone.

15 FRI. Very cold foggy day. No ballooning. Dined at 2nd Brigade. Very merry evening. Returned at 12.30 and found bridge party on here. Turned in at 1.30 am.

Heard excellent news at Brigade that French had taken 7500 prisoners at Verdun.

16 SAT. Dull cold day. No ballooning. Major Mansfield, Francis (20th Sqdn) and Child dined here and played poker afterwards.

17 SUN. 3rd in Advent. Very cold day and thick fog at night. Went to No 23 and 15 in afternoon with Major.

Dined at Anti Aircraft battery with Dearie and Meredith. No ballooning.

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