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18 MON. Very cold dull day. No ballooning.

Went to quarry in morning with Dearie and shot a hare. Saw a woodcock and several pheasants. Only gun was a double barrelled 410. Lunched d at No2. Took Gavin to No9 in afternoon.

19 TUE. Dull day. Dined at No2 and played roulette. After 1½ hours play was 1fr up!

20 WED. Windy day. No ballooning.

Went to Hazebruck in afternoon with Dearie. He dined here with Russell, Gitting, Campbell and myself. Played vingt et un in evening, and won about 10 frs. Painted Dearie’s face whilst asleep and played other jokes.

Shooting in morning. Got nothing. Had shot at Woodcock.

21 THUR. Windy cold day. No ballooning.

22 FRI. Finer day, warmer. Balloons up in afternoon, but too much wind for work. Major and Campbell went to Cassell and from there to Omer and bought gramophone. I dined with Dearie. Meeting of E O’s here.

23 SAT. Very windy day but much warmer.

Wind increased to hurricane. Blew roof off Major’s hut and blew garage away. Had to sand bag mess roof to save it. No9’s wind screen carried away and broken post went through balloon. Had to get new balloon.

24 SUN. 2nd in Advent. Peace Sunday. Thick day and no ballooning. Dined at No15.

Watched boxing contest before dinner. Went to concert after dinner. Very good concert. Russell and I sat at separate tables as there were 13 in all.

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