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22 MON. Left Victoria at 7.50am. Arrived Folkestone 9.50. Boat leaving at Met Robinson (Entrenching Battln) about 10am lunched with him at Pavillion. Boat left 3.30, arrived Boulogne 5.30 but French time only 4.30pm. Had tea at Caverga, dined at Louvre. Train left Boulogne at 7.15pm, only 4 of us in compartment. Slept a bit. Arrived Poperinghe 2.30am. Telephoned to camp and got tender. Arrived camp 4am.

23 TUES. On reaching camp found No 2 Sectn here. Raffles in my hut. I slept on floor in another hut. Got up at 9am Raffles gave me an Armstrong hut to myself. All my gear, carpets, rugs, pictures, shaving glasses etc had gone to No 4 Sectn 30 miles the other side of Paris. Gavin still here, delighted to see him. Found I had been transfd to No 2 Sectn. Had 5 hour trip in balloon with Preston. Registered target for 12in Hows.

24 WED. Empire Day. Misty day. No view. No Ballooning. Macneece came in morning and told me to do no more ballooning, having regard to Medical Cert.

25 THUR. Wet in morning. Cleared in afternoon. Balloon up. Experiments with signals from Ypres, and trenches. Not successful. No means of replying.

26 FRI. Dull in morning, fine in afternoon. Preston up in afternoon, alone 3800ft. Shoot with 6in Hows on Pilkern Rly. Bateman reported for duty and brought 3 letters from Benny and one from Heath. Gave Mcneece Heath’s Cert. Balloon going up 2000yds from trenches as soon as pits are made for winch. No pleasant idea that.

27 SAT. Fine hot day. Forgotten rest. Balloon up all day. 7/6/16

28 SUN. Rogation Sunday. Fine still day. N

Balloon up all day. Forgotten rest. 7/6/16

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