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5 MON. Russell and his wife dined with us at Strand Palace. Brenda and I went to “A Little Bit of Fluff”. Rather rot. Lunched with Connie and Charlie. I did some work on my non flammable balloon fabric.

6 TUES. Lunched with Russell and his wife at Hatchetts. Went down to Roehampton with Stringer and got some double ply balloon fabric. Went to Vanity Fair in evening. Very good.

7 WED. Got up at 5am and caught 6.33 am train from Victoria and was made train and boat Officer. Left Folkestone at 10am. Fairly smooth.

Got lift in No 1 A O render to St Omer. Snowed out. Did not arrive at Wing until 1am. Awfully cold.

8 THUR. Frightfully cold night. Over 20 degrees of frost. All soda water frozen and bottles breaking. Visited No 2 and 15 Sections.

9 FRI. Still awfully cold and sharp frost. Coal has run out. Went to No2 and saw Nelson.

10 SAT. Campbell went on leave.

Conducted Court Martial for Campbell in Corpl Mannels case. Convicted on both charges.

11 SUN. Sexagesima. A bit warmer.

Had very bad night and no sleep. Awfully bad cold developed in night and nearly died. Very difficult to breathe or swallow. Had to go to No 9 and 23 in tender. Bitterly cold. After tea went to No 25 new Camp.

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